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The reason Microsoft Power BI Is Among the Most well-known Business!

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·Jan 6, 2023·

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Today, businesses of various dimensions and kinds require massive databases to sustain and growth in revenue, and this is a trend that is widespread. But for these organizations collecting, analyzing, and decoding huge amounts of data isn't an easy task. They require specialized software programs to process huge amounts of data every day. The method of collecting, analyzing and presenting data in a comprehensible way, visually, is known as Business Intelligence or BI. Companies rely on BI solutions, and larger organizations also use BI consulting firms.

What exactly is BI consulting?

Although BI tools can effectively be utilized by companies that are of various types, they require the expertise of experts who are proficient with these specialized tools. A BI expert or consultant uses the right techniques to help clients collect data from multiple sources, and refine and sort the data to create highly detailed and visually appealing reports. Their technical and analytical abilities are of enormous assistance to their clients. Analysts and consultants from BI have a major role in making decisions and devising strategies for clients.

These are the things an BI consultant typically does:

  • Validation of data gathered from various sources.

  • Monitoring the storage of data.

  • Implementation of policies to continue gathering and analysis of data.

  • Implementation of different methods of data analysis.

  • Developing report generation guidelines.

  • The process of data analysis must be aligned to achieve the business objectives of the business.

  • Assisting clients in making important decisions and analyzing their predictive capabilities.

They Business Intelligence consultants develop and adjust strategies for data to ensure that the long-term objectives of the company being served are achieved. Their roles may differ between clients and vice versa. If the business already has an BI application, the analyst will review the architecture and optimizes data strategies. The analyst creates the data analysis plan starting from beginning to finish. They recommend the most appropriate BI technology/tool to meet the needs of the client and create a detailed plan. Most often, they work using tools such as Tableau as well as Microsoft Power BI. If you want to go beyond this article & dive deeper into this software, you can definitely master from Power BI Course.

There are BI Analysts and Consultants who work for reputed power bi consulting firms and freelance BI consultants.

The reasons why businesses choose Microsoft Power BI over other options for analysis of data and visualization

There are many BI options, but the majority of businesses from various niches usually opt for Mycroft Power BI. It is not without valid motives. Through the years, Microsoft has enriched the tools with numerous useful featuresand has grown more flexible because of it. The need of the power bi development has increased over time.

Below are the main reasons behind why Power BI a champion in the BI field:

  • Support for multiple data sources - According to the demands an organization may need to pull data from a variety of online or offline sources. This means that the BI tool it selects will have to be compatible with all data sources. The great feature about Power BI is it can handle a wide range different data sources. It can support more than 70 sources. Through Power BI, you can import data from Microsoft's applications and services, like Excel as well as Azure. Power BI also allows you to acquire data from third-party applications like DropBox, SalesForce. It can also support SQL Database too.

  • Easy to use- It is not a secret that Power BI is a robust tool with an abundance of features integrated. But that doesn't mean that it is difficult to acquire and use. It is among the best user-friendly BI tools available on the market. The application has a beautiful drag and drop interface and learning the basics of it is easy. Most of the time employees from various organizations don't have any issues getting used to the program. However, seeking the advice of experienced Power Bi experts can occasionally prove beneficial.

  • A powerful tool Microsoft has created Power BI to streamline workflow in the analysis of data and visualization. Its integrated Power Pivot data modelling engine is extremely useful. It utilizes the latest tabular database techniques for compression of databases which aids in speeding the workflow. It is no surprise that the Power BI Workbook tends to be much smaller than the initial data sets. Power BI can handle enormous data sets without causing any slowdown or using a lot of resources. Power BI also has an automated, incremental refresh, which means that data is always up-to-date.

  • Rich sources of visual elements Power BI is packed with lots of visual elements that could be very useful in visualisation of data. You can access a variety of charts, maps, and graphs as a start. You can also customize the visual elements of the default interface to depending on your preferences.

  • ideal for experienced Data analysts Even though Power BI is easy enough to be utilized by people in an organization with no prior knowledge of the BI industry, it offers advanced features that could be helpful for experienced BI consultants. It is compatible with an open source programming language known as R. R scripts that include statistical computing as well as complex graphs that can be used for statistical modeling and manipulating data.

  • Excellent for people who are used to Excelfor Excel In many organizations the most popular Microsoft software and services are extensively used. Many organizations around the globe use MS Excel for calculation and accounting requirements. Power BI has solid integration with Excel as well, so Excel users who are used to Excel have no difficulty moving to the new platform. The auto-service Power Query tool seems quite familiar to Excel users, too.

  • solid in the security front When choosing the right BI tool for your business do not forget the security aspect in any way. In the end, the tool is used to manage important information. It could be sensitive customer and company details. Power BI does not compromise on the security aspect. It is a part of Azure Active Directory to ensure efficient authentication of users. Thus, the risk of unauthorised access to information is reduced.

  • A natural language query engine Power BI is equipped with an engine for natural language queries that is extremely user-friendly and efficient. This built-in Q&A feature allows users get answers to a variety of questions quickly, without difficulties. There's no need to implement complicated coding. Indeed, even the mobile version of Power BI has support for voice recognition technology. Thus, employees can solve their questions when they are on the move.

  • Fantastic reporting and share With Power BI, creating reports by analysing data sets is easy and takes only a few minutes. These reports are then shared with teams in the organization, and even with people who don't make use of the tool as quickly. This assists in keeping employees informed, and making decisions is made easier.


Power BI can be a flexible BI solution that could be advantageous for businesses of different kinds and types of sectors. However, in order to get the maximum value from this powerful BI tool you'll need the help of Power Bi experts.

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